Refugees Find Solace in Gardening

Fruit and Vegetable Garden


Today I read a USAToday article titled, Urban Gardens Allow Refugees to Plant Roots, which spoke about how refugees from countries such as Burma, Toga, and Myanmar are finding solace in participating in community gardens across the United States. This article really got to me because as a gardener, I can attest to gardening’s calming influence on my life, and I am happy that community organizers dedicated to helping refugees from war-torn areas recognize this. Most of these refugees come from areas in the globe that are not as developed as the U.S and where people rely heavily on sustainable agriculture to survive. Allowing refugees to garden in communities helps them deal with the stress of language and cultural barriers and makes them feel more at home. I’m glad the love of gardening is universal!

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Grow Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables in Your Garden

Bell peppers in the vegetable gardenGrowing big, beautiful fruits and vegetables takes a lot of effort and trial and error. I used to spend  hours searching online for ways to increase my harvest, until I discovered that I wasn’t replenishing my soil with nutrients for it to support abundant growth. As you know, after every growing season, the soil loses vital minerals and nutrients, but what I didn’t know is that I needed to actively treat and care for the soil for it to be fertile again. Since then, I’ve tried different types of plant food and fertilizers, but one thing I found that ABSOLUTELY works is Miracle Gro Organic Choice Garden Soil. Check out my article: Grow Bigger and More Delicious Vegetables in Your Garden for how to use this wonder product.

Grow Medicinal Herbs in Your Home Garden!

Basil plant in vegetable garden

Basil can be used to treat colds, fevers, and asthma

With health care costs high and the risks of modern-day medicine becoming more known, people are starting to look at herbal medicine as a viable alternative in treating common illnesses. Growing medicinal herbs in your garden is a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle and a closer relationship to the environment. Check out my site for fun facts on medicinal herbs: A Tomato Grows In Queens