Beautiful Gardens in Queens, New York

Every day this week, I will be posting pictures of beautiful gardens in New York. Be sure to follow this blog!
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Beautiful Flowers in New York City


Grow Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables in Your Garden

Bell peppers in the vegetable gardenGrowing big, beautiful fruits and vegetables takes a lot of effort and trial and error. I used to spend  hours searching online for ways to increase my harvest, until I discovered that I wasn’t replenishing my soil with nutrients for it to support abundant growth. As you know, after every growing season, the soil loses vital minerals and nutrients, but what I didn’t know is that I needed to actively treat and care for the soil for it to be fertile again. Since then, I’ve tried different types of plant food and fertilizers, but one thing I found that ABSOLUTELY works is Miracle Gro Organic Choice Garden Soil. Check out my article: Grow Bigger and More Delicious Vegetables in Your Garden for how to use this wonder product.